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St. John’s Public Cemetery prides itself on being one of the most affordable public cemeteries in the Niagara Region. We have a number of burial options to suit your budget and immediate needs. We are happy to work with any funeral home or can recommend someone to you in order make your decisions as easy and stress-free as possible.

Right to Interment – Full Casket Lot
Section A
Single Lot - $2,000.00 - Double Depth - $3,000.00
Section B
Single Lot - $3,000.00 - Double Depth - $5,000.00
Section C
Single Lot - $2,000.00 - Double Depth - $3,000.00
Section K
Single Lot - $2,000.00 - Double Depth - $3,000.00
Section L
Single Lot - $2,000.00 - Double Depth - $3,000.00
Section N
Single Lot - $2,000.00 - Double Depth - $3,000.00
Sunset Columbaria
One Niche
Columbarium – “I Am The Vine”
One Niche
Right to Interment – Cremation Section
Section D + CG
Scattering Garden
Scattering with no memorial
Scattering with memorial. Cost of inscription on memorial, responsibility of purchaser.
The Committal (The Burial)
Full lot interment
Double Depth Interment
Cremation Ground Interment
Cremation Columbarium Interment
One coffin
Cremation Ground
Cremation Columbarium
Bird Girl
Transfer Fees
Transfer any Interment Right
Natural Burial – Section N
Full Lot Interment
Double Depth Interment

* Under section nine sub section (1) of St. John’s Cemetery by-law the Cemetery shall place 40% or $250.00 of the sale price in the Care and Maintenance Fund for any lot 24 square feet or greater. A single lot may have one coffin burial plus a cremated remain or two (2) cremated remains with no coffin. A request for more than two cremated remains requires further payment, using Section D rates.

All lots in Sections A,B,C,K and L allow for upright markers.

Section N does not allow upright markers. The Master Monument provided by the Cemetery shall be used and inscribed at lot owner’s cost. Section N shall follow all points list in section 24 of St. John’s Public Cemetery. ere are opening and closing fees.

Section D allows for cremation interment only. Only flat markers are allowed and shall not exceed the footprint of the lot. There are two (2) cremation remains allowed in each lot. There are opening and closing fees.

There are no Cemetery fees for the Scattering Garden. Independent markers all not allowed. Rights may be re-sold and are not retrievable and shall take place within the footprint of the Scattering Garden. The rights holder shall pay for the inscription on the Master Monument.

A Cremation Niche may be re-sold provided there has not been an inscription. The inscription on this columbarium is: ‘ I am the Vine and Ye are the Branches’. All lettering is in the Vermarco font. There are no opening and closing fees.
All remains are retrievable.

In the Bird Girl Ground Vault there is not a Master Monument inscription. The rights may be re-sold.

In the Sunset Columbaria, under section nine sub section (1) of St. John’s Cemetery by-law the Cemetery shall place 15% or $100.00 of the sale price in the Care and Maintenance Fund. Each Niche may hold two(2) urns provided the urns are of a size that will fit the niche measuring 11 ” x 11 ” x 16”. The Niche may be re-sold. If there is an inscription, the face plate shall be replaced at the niche holders cost. All remains are retrievable.

Click here to download the current Rate Sheet – Cemetery Price List – 2022